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Articles and Information

This page contains both articles that I have written and articles that may of interest written by others

Moving beyond counselling and psychotherapy as it currently is ? taking therapy outside (limited access to download for free)

Article on Taking Counselling and Psychotherapy Outdoors (pdf, 146 K)

Article in New York Times 29/1/10 on 'ecological unconscious'

Article on ecotherapy published in April 09 Therapy Today Journal (pdf, 191 K)

Article on nature and attachment published in ecopsychology journal apr 09 (pdf, 180 K)

Editorial on ecopsychology - European Journal of Ecopsychology (pdf, 38 K)

Ecopsychology and problem based learning (2012, 363 K)

Did Lacan go camping? Psychotherapy in search of an ecological self (pdf, 94 K)

Evaluation of the GROW wellbeing project Brighton with some interesting findings on the relationship between ecotherapy and mental health

Recent article on nature based therapy in positive news: